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Prati-Care is a no-profit organization, founded by Professor Annamaria Fantauzzi, composed mainly of university students in nursing and medicine and high school students, and adult volunteers, which provides the main livelihood of people, families, orphans who need help with food, education and health.

In particular, in Italy, the association collects unsold food and gives it every day to families in need, as well as clothing and school supplies.

Abroad, the association supports missions in Kenya and Senegal, with activities etnonursing with children orphaned or sick, intercultural medicine in health posts, economic aid and in-place adoption of children or students.

Our volunteers go for a few weeks in the missions,  where they work together with local staff and have the opportunity to know the country, the people and culture of the country.

In Senegal, we have a partnership with the Pouponnière (centre for children without parents), and the centre for Talibé and the hospital, in the city of M’bour. In the village of Casamance we work in the healt centers, and we help poor families and support the children education.

Periodically, the Association organizes shows for financing projects, by now the purchase of an ambulance for the town of Bona, Senegal.

In Nyeri, in Kenya, the activities will be:

1) Consolata main hospital all departments: nursing and medicine volunteer students to  directly help in hospital, with the possibility to organize seminars and refresher courses. We will provide with material and pharmaceutic supply.

2) Consolata School of Nursing: training courses, international exchange programs and provide materials and support for didactic

3) Consolata Maternity / Pediatric Hospital in Nanyuki

4) Sacred Heart University College: Help to find books and school materials

5) Nyeri Hill Farm: help for promotion and coffee selling in Italy

6) Mental Health Program: help for children by sick mothers in didactic activities and games, providing school material, clothes and games; make activities with sicks and help for the new rehabilitation Centre startup.

7) Nyeri Prison: participate to the activities in conjunction with the different sections, bring materials For prisoners and sons, organize didactic activities for prisoners.


Mail address:

Prati-Care c/o Dr.ssa Annamaria Fantauzzi

Via Thonon 6 – 10126 Torino Italy

Phone:  +39 338 670 2284

Skype: a.fantauzzi

The first decision is to support all the TEN poor and disadvantaged
families we visited in the cities of DOLDOL – IL POLEI – KIMANJO: we
want to buy one rooster, three hens and 10-15 kg of feed for
chickens for each family. We hope to be able to buy animals and
animal feed with an amount of about 50-60 € per family, which is
about 500-600 € readily available.

We think that having the animals will allow these families to live
with dignity, will give them a job and a future: if they can take
care of the animals wisely, animals will grow in number and in a few
months, families will have food and money to live.

We plan to make this donation once this year and see how these
families manage to handle the animals: if the results are good, we
can program a new possible aid next year with other chickens or
goats to add in the coming years.

It must be very clear that PRATI-CARE wants the receipt of all that
is spent (each animal and each feed box for animals) and
documentation with images that animals are donated to individual
households and to have periodic reports of how families live and
manage animals (through social workers of Caritas).

The second project that we decided concerns TEN among the poor
families we visited in Nyeri and Matanya / Nanyuki.

The volunteers we send in August will visit a single family/day from
Monday to Friday for two weeks throughout the afternoon.

They will spend time talking with adults, playing with children but,
above all, they will take care of their personal hygiene with a
shower (we need water !!!), cut nails, cut hair, brush teeth etc

PRATI-CARE will give to the volunteers the money to buy soap,
shampoo, hair-cutting machine, toothbrushes for each family, as well
as money to buy food for a week or so (as we done togheter last

We allocate a sum of about € 10-15 per family, that is about
100-150 € in total.

The project is to continue to follow these families directly, during
this and the next missions that we are going to organize in the next

The third project that we decided is to start a remote adoption

It will take a bit of time, but the hope is to find generous people
who want to donate a sum of about € 350-400 per year to help a
family unit for a full year.

Again, PRATI-CARE will be very careful and want that all that will
be spent on individual families is documented with receipts and
periodic photographs of the delivery of food, as well as periodic
updates by the social workers of Caritas.


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